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The world of Java? Oracle buys Sun!

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Just ‘Hotnews’ that the takeover is a reality. What does the acquisition of Sun by Oracle mean for the Java world? I think this is bad news for the Java community. Oracle is no longer focused on developing tools for application development. Yes ok, they develop their own Oracle Fusion Applications in Java, but with the aim to expand globally and try to beat SAP in this market. If Oracle has put his sights on Oracle Fusion Application and the maintenance (Oracle Fusion Middleware), there is no urgency to develop tools for application development. This is unfortunate. I am so curious of the future of products such as Sun NetBeans (latest version 6.8, it’s become a very nice product) and Glashfish.Glashfish, I think it will not make it. Oracle has recently chosen for the BEA WebLogic product, now known as Oracle Weblogic. Jdeveloper and Netbeans are almost equal products. Jdeveloper supports Oracle’s proprietary natural solution like Toplink and ADF. The MySQL database is under pressure. Oracle will in my opinion not drop its own database!

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