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Information analyst (IA) is unemployed of the future

With arrival of Agile development several roles has drastically changed within the IT spectrum. Where in former days firstly large batteries paper (definition study, feasibility reports, designs etc.) were produced before there could be build, it is nowadays started with develop after prioritize of User Stories. The construction team gets here an important role concerning `how’ the User Stories to realize. The process speculator (scrum master) ensures a spotless mode where `impediments’ are recognized and are caught. The `what’ are stipulated to business square by the Product Owner. This is the person who forms the funnel with its supporters of the functionalities of the new product to realize. The Product Owner have regular contact with the construction team and sometimes also participate with the `daily stand-ups’. Functional and technical documentation is frequently developed during the sprint. Where has the information analyst (IA) remained in this spectrum? The IA must consider itself! Or participate in the construction team or if this is not possible a function look forward as a business analyst and inspect business requirements instead interfere itself with IT questions.

  1. October 9, 2009 at 10:13

    I wonder myself. According to me, with scrum only the method has never changed the aim (working application). And by restricting the reality for a developer to his ” user story” question I me finished if it is availed whole here at. Natural the result of scrum that is there more rapidly something tangible for the customer is. In fact all cases which I as ” performance specialist” or ” probleemoplosser” has encountered the cause of problems is onbekendheid of the developer with what now in fact carries out his code. Oftewel: I consider it of the highest importance that a developer weet what carries out his code effectively, and how which is in the proportion of himself in whole of the application or himself the complete IT landscape (if you think terms in SOA).

    Or I didn’t understand scrum? That also is possible.

    • malderhout
      October 9, 2009 at 11:35

      Hi Frits, Thx for your response. Once. the end aim changed, only the process there to come, however! (including the moments when the eea are produced –& gt; documentation frequently afterwards ipv of in former days in advance) The emphasis comes lie indeed more on the developer, what is also. But fact is that the role of IA with mostly ‘ papers deliverables to describe business/vertalen’ until the past belongs. Within Agile/scrum agrees document you the degree of in so-called ‘ DoD = Definition or Done’. This documentation is then taken by the scrum team as deliverable. Greet, Maikel

  2. Marcel Huijkman
    November 9, 2009 at 16:32

    This complete story assumes that product-owner the eloquent character is, which exact know to transmit to an already even communicatively strong developer. Both must of course have a picture of the total overview of a project. Everything fall or stand with good communication and scrum and other agile methods are not always the solution! Everything will be a great help for the customer, to translate her of his mind to a working application. Don’t sale scrum as a solution; -)

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