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Productivity of Java is depressing low

The first java/JEE specifications date back to 1998 (beta). The development of Java started in 1991, and in 1995 Java was announced for the first time publicly. Although we now have a lot of more experience during the years, the speed of development of Java/JEE applications is still saddening low. The focus is too often on technique (e.g. frames, which but with each other be to laboriously couple), instead of on business. But classifying of business rules takes place already too a little. organizations revert carefully to 4GL tools of the previous decade, because the disappointing velocity of Java. Some suppliers of these old acquaintances communicate a turnover increase! The arrival of 4GL provided a productivity improvement of minimum a factor 3 (measured with respect to Cobol). With the arrival of Java/JEE we seem to lose productivity improvement in one go.

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